DFC Space Experience

A Journey to Space

Doha, Qatar


Client Martians Production House
Space 1000 sqm
Age Group 6 - 18 yo
Application Edutainment

360 Projection Mapping: Transforming Unused Space into an Immersive Solar System Experience

At Doha Festival City, ViRDOME LLC was entrusted with a remarkable task by Martians Production House - to convert an unused room into an awe-inspiring immersive environment dedicated to the wonders of the solar system. With our expertise in projection mapping, we brought the cosmos to life on a curved screen measuring an impressive 60m x 4m.

Our scope of work encompassed an array of services, including projector maintenance, integration, calibration, and the creation of captivating planetarium content lasting 10 minutes.

Our capabilities extend beyond mere projection mapping. We excel in transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. Our team specializes in repurposing rooms, harnessing the power of projectors to transport audiences on a mesmerizing journey.

Let us transform your unused space into an immersive environment, Contact us now to learn more about our capabilities and how we can bring your vision to life, leaving a lasting impact on all who venture into this remarkable experience.

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